Member FAQ

There’s glitch in some of the profiles on our new spiffy automated membership software. Not yet so spiffy … and we are so sorry! 

Here’s the deal.
If you sign up now for the first time, and fill out your profile, it works  just fine!  So go do that.  But some of our older members discovered the “update your headshot” function is broken.  We are working with the software developer to sort that out, along with other bugs. 

Meanwhile: Legacy Profiles from the old site
We copied all the hand-edited profiles over to the new site in a place called Legacy Professionals.  That’s just a fancy name for our crusty directory.  If your new profile is on hold, we will make sure your legacy profile is kept up to date in the meantime.

Timing Sucks, Right?  I mean Unified Auditions are just around the corner. 
Don’t worry, wherever your profile ends up, we will make sure the ADs have your head shot handy in our Unified Talent Guide while you are on stage!

This year ADs get a secure page with head shots and links to everyone’s latest TTB profile.  When you sign up for Unified Auditions and take your place, your head shot will be there in place, too!

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